Garden Updates and How To’s

Follow along with me as I hone my gardening skills in my tenth of an acre homestead in Central Florida.

Garden Update January and February 2016

Seed Starting in Plastic Containers

How to plant New Plants in Bad Dirt and see them thrive

Garden Update October 2015

Sometimes Florida Gardening Sucks

Army Worms and Root Knot Nematodes

Banana Trees

Garden Update September 2015

Floridaprince Peach Tree and Seed Starting

For the Good of the Guild

Tomato Harvest

The Io Moth

Garden Update June 2015

New Garden Bed, Pt 2

New Garden Bed, Pt 1

Just Keep Digging

Progress isn’t always pretty

Garden Update February 2015

How To: Newspaper Seed Pots

Let the Weeds Be

How to: Cut and Come Again Salads

Garden Update January 2015

Garden Harvest May 2014

Garden Update April 2014

Garden Beginings March 2014