Scrappy Love

I have had so much fun over the last few months dreaming up and creating Scrappy Projects with the Festival of Scrappiness going on over at Stitched in Color. There have been so many cool and original projects and tutorials posted that are sure to inspire you. I have always wanted to try string piecing, so, for my first project I used blue and purple and pink and green scraps to build this log cabin style mini quilt. I started making it as a mug rug, but was having so much fun that I just kept building.

I quilted it in continuous wonky square starting at the center and working my way out. The back of the mini is more scrappy pieces and my polka dot bias binding.

This is my first mug rug. Ever. It was so much fun! So I made two more. This one was fairly random in my color choices. I built it in a wonky half log cabin style and pieced some of my smaller scraps just for fun.

I quilted it in the half log cabin shape starting at the opposite corner and working out. It looks pretty cool. 

I used some pink flower yardage to make .5″ double fold straight grain binding that I zig zagged in place. Here is how I made those kickin mitered corners.

I am still lovin the Tutti Frutti collection that I’ve collected and all these scraps that came together for my second mug rug. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any plan when I started making this other than spreading the colors out.

I checker board quilted the mug rug with 1″ squares and have decided that my walking foot is one of the best things ever. The fabric didn’t pucker or bunch up like it has before whenever I’ve tried to quilt in overlapping patterns.


 This is my third mug rug that I whipped up using wonky tiny strips that I’d originally cut up to make little rag wreaths. But this was more fun. I quilted .5″ diagonal lines and bound it with more pink flower tape and a scrap of white fabric for the back.

I redoing my bedroom right now with robin’s egg blue, brown and tan. Above my bed I have two cute blue candle stick things with a framed generic picture between them. Since taking Curves class, I’ve had a hankerin to make some of these adorable mini wonky stars that were in one of our projects. I thought I would make several and then just fill in a background behind them using more neutral-ish scraps. But it just didn’t want to come together. So, I called in my husband for back-up because he has a great eye for color, art, and design. After playing with my stars and fabric scraps, he decided that I should make my stars into flowers using some vine patterned fabric. I looked at my stars and thought, but they’re stars! Never would I have thought of them as flowers. But he was right. He left the room to my huffing and “gosh darnit’s” because once he threw me the idea, I just knew it would be awesome as most of his ideas are, but it would be more time consuming, as usual. But the things that take longer are the things that are usually worth doing.

So! Here is my Starbright Flower Garden! It’s not quite finished yet, but I wanted to take a picture and send it in before the end of the contest and we were allowed to submit quilt tops. I’m going to do some applique style stitching that I’ve seen around blogdom lately and will post a little tut when it’s all done. 


Loving the Primaries

This Little Lovely is a Yellow Honey Dew Melon. I was in the produce section at Wal-Mart and this guy just spoke to me in keeping with the bright Primary colors trend of late. I couldn’t help myself. And he was only $1.50. That was also cool. Boy, oh, Boy was it tasty! I threw it in the fridge when I got home and the hubby and I enjoyed it as a late night snack later. It had the consistency of  pear. A little crunchy and oh so sweet with a random tart bite here and there. Melons truly are my favorite fruit. Watermelons being the very tippy top of my list by a wide margin. Nothing, and I mean, nothing compares to a icy cool watermelon on a hot July afternoon. Common Watermelon Season!!!
Moving on…

 This is my Scalloped Curves Class quilt. Me and the boys had fun picking out the colors at the quilt shop. It is a baby size quilt, but I didn’t need a quilt of that size at the moment (I know, blasphemy), but I did need a skirt around the vanity in my guest bathroom that’s getting a facelift right now. Why am I redoing the bathroom that is actually painted and halfway decent when there is another bathroom in need of TLC, my boys bedroom that needs painting and decorating, AND finishing up the organizing in my Craft room all waiting for my attention??? I don’t know. No Idea. Well, maybe this had something to do with it…

I had a gift certificate to the local quilt shop (!!!!) and after picking out all the prints for the quilt in my master bedroom, I had money leftover. So I snagged up some Animal Party Too that I have always loved and decided since the plumbing is now fixed (yay!!!) in my master bath, I could officially turn the guest bath into a fun place for the boys. Now that Wyatt is old enough to sit in the bathtub and play with Redding, the boys have spent MANY an hour splashing in the bubbles lately. And while I was sitting in there with them, the urge to fix it up overtook me. I was powerless to resist the call.
Just like I was powerless to not come home with 3yds of this fun flower print from Ikea on my birthday.

I can’t wait to show you the full photos of what i used it for. It makes me happy. It’s not a print I would have normally grabbed of the rack, but seeing it hanging in panels with the tree print (I’m kicking myself for not buying some of that) all over the store made me want to buy it. It looks so much better hanging than folded on a bolt.
And finally…

After making this for Wyatt, I just had to make one for Redding too with the leftover fabrics from his quilt. Tre Scrappy No? I used the para-cord that Alan bought for me at the army-navy surplus as the drawstring and some goofy red sparkly ancient Christmas fabric for the lining.

And because I got to this step of creating much too late at night, I was taken by the idea to do FMQ on the two panels of the bag thereby needing to sew it together with French seams. I don’t know. I just don’t know. In the end it worked out ok, and I squared of the bottom corners of the bag like a tote with a bitty 1″ seam and tacked the resulting triangle excess down to the bottom of the bag.

I’ll give it to Redding with a little something inside on Wyatt’s birthday in April when I give Wyatt his bag. Why on Wyatt’s birthday? Well, when we were little, Mom always got each of us a little present on our sister’s (sisters’? sister’s’s? I have two sisters) birthday. It was nice to not feel forgotten while still enjoying celebrating a sister’s birthday. I think I’ll continue the tradition with our boys while they’re young like Mom did for us. So, for a first, I already have some of the birthday presents ready A WHOLE MONTH in advance. I also got all the stuff for Easter baskets at the store yesterday. Mwhahahaha! I’m so on top of things right now!!! Don’t worry. It won’t last long. Those statements/thoughts tend to jinx me.

Funny story: While leaving the house yesterday, I was walking down my hall and turned to go into the kitchen. I wear glasses so I don’t have a full range of vision. Case and Point. I turn to go into the kitchen and from beneath my glasses I see something large and black charge my feet. I know what this thing is even though I can’t see it. It’s another $)&%#$ &^$%&*( ROACH. As previously stated, I don’t have little Roaches in my House. No. They are all BIG OLE 3″ suckers. Tonight I saw a little one at about 2″, but that’s not the norm. So the thing charges me and I have been trying to wrangle children out the door and am already fit to be tied, I’ve got Wyatt on my hip and I start dancing because as you know, I’ve had these suckers run across my feet before, and It’s just not pleasant. Redding starts laughing at me and telling me “mommom’s so silly! It’s a big ole (which sounds like bagel when he says it) bug!!!” Then I realize I have to kill it, so I start stomping around like made trying to see where it went, and I thought I got it, but because I was looking underneath the bottom rim of my glasses the floor is blurry, and I must’ve missed it. A furious search ensues, but the bugger escaped. I throw the kids in the car listening to Redding asking me “Mommom get the dead bug?” Bugs are referred to as dead in my house even if they’re still alive, because it’s only a matter of time before they’re exterminated with a shoe.
Just like that 3″ roach found out when he was waiting on the wall of my shower for me in Round 2. But my big strong shoe wielding Man was home then. HA HA! Dead Bug.

Perfectly Mitered Corners the Easy Way!

This is a little mug rug I made for the Scrap Attack Quilt Along. I used only scraps for it and some .5″ double fold bias tape that I’ll probably be using from now till eternity because I made a yard of fabric’s worth of it. If anyone wants some, just let me know.

For my birthday Alan gave me this book, among many many other things (he’s lavish with me <3). It is an excellent compendium for technique and quilt blocks. You just have to get past the pictures that were taken in the early 90's. The colors and fabrics were, well, very 90's. But I learned so much from the book that I highly recommend it for beginner level quilters. Or self taught quilters that may want some instruction in traditional and proper quilting methods.

In this book, I learned how to miter corners perfectly! And it’s so easy. There’s pretty much only one difference from other instructions, but I’ve found that it gives me a perfect amount of fabric and keeps things oh so nice and even on both sides. This method works with straight grain trim, or bias tape.

Step 1: Stop sewing 1/4″ away from edge of corner with needle down (if you are using a 3/8″ seam, stop 3/8″ away, etc.).  

Step 2: Lift your presser foot and Rotate your fabric so that you are now on a 45 degree angle with the line you have just sewn. You should now be able to sew a line bisecting the corner. You don’t have to backstitch, just sew right through the corner, and off your fabric.

Lift your work, and pull it loose. You can clip your threads now, or leave them. I just leave them. It should look like this.

Step 3: Turn your work so that you are now read to sew the next side. Lift your trim, and using the angled line you have just sewn, lift your trim up and away, perpendicular to the side of your fabric where you just attached the trim.

Step 4: Fold your trim back down making the fold line set at the top edge of your fabric. Keep the trim lined up with itself and the edges of your fabric.

 Step 5: Begin sewing on your new side keeping with your seam allowances, and backstitch near the edge.

Your trim should be double layered like so. Repeat for all four sides.

Step 6: Turn your edges to begin attaching trim to the right side of the fabric.

Step 7: As you come up to a corner, stop with your needle down about an 1.5″ or 2″ from the edge. Pull your trim tight and straight with your finger.

Step 8: I like to use a straight pin as a guide to hold the fabric in place (don’t pin it into the fabric, just use it to create a firm edge.) Fold your Fabric up…

Step 9: And pin in place. Sew up to the crease in the fabric (about where my pin is for me), with your needle down, lift your presser foot, and turn your fabric to begin sewing on the new side. No need to backstitch or anything.

And There You Are! A super easy Perfectly Mitered Corner! Step 2 is pretty much the only thing I’ve found different from other tutorials on mitering, but for me, it makes a HUGE difference. I’ve struggled to make my corners nice up until I used this method. The back always looked nice, but the front had too much fabric and just didn’t look very crisp and the miter was usually crooked. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

On this rug I used Straight grain double fold .5″ tape and used a zig zag instead of a straight stitch. And it still looks mighty nice!

Happy Mitering!

LTTSA Juggling Balls and Drawstring Bag

This month I picked out the Juggling Balls and Bag patterns from our LTTSA instead of the playtown. I know my boys very well and they’d much rather throw something than sit and play nicely. Which is why I didn’t fill the juggling balls with dried beans or rice to give them a nice weight for juggling, but just stuffed em full of fiberfil. Now they don’t hurt to chuck at someone 🙂

In the spirit of scrappiness that’s been floating around blogdom lately, I felt it absolutely necessary to make this set from my leftover primary scraps from my scalloped quilt in Curves Class. 

Hence the fun quilty look on the bag. I used the lining to make the outer and inner pieces of the bag and edge stitched all of my seams. The ball size I went with was the larger 3″ diameter.

And of course, Since this is a birthday present for my baby (how the heck is he almost 1yr old already!!!), I had to throw a quick monogram on the bag. I saved the letter from making this and am now glad I did.

I really couldn’t be happier with how this project came out. The pictures don’t really do it justice because you can’t see how nice and sturdy the bag feels or how cool the grossgrain ribbon looks as the handles. Pictures do, however, hide my atrocious handstitching job on the balls.
I’ve really been diggin’ the primary colors lately. More fun pics to come of what else has gotten primary-ed. Like my bathroom re-accessorizing!