My Bedroom Tour

Way back when,Β  I told you that I was buying shower curtains to use in my room and promised pics once the room was complete and happy. Well, I am finally getting around to it. Though I must admit, I still don’t think of this room as “complete”. Decorating is more of an ongoing process for me.

This is the view from the door. All neutral and happy yes? We have the Ikea Malm bedroom set that was our Christmas present in 2008 when we moved into the house. And we still love it! I’ll admit, I wasn’t sold on the pressed wood, particle board style furniture when we bought it because I wasn’t sure how well it would last. Let me tell you, it is still in excellent shape.

It has even withstood these two demolition masters jumping and wresting on it every day. Redding may look innocent, but don’t let him fool you for a second. He’s the ringleader. Why just the other day, he came tearing through the living room pushing a wooden cart with Wyatt perched precariously on top. And then crashed into a mountain of toys. He’s also taught Wyatt how to climb, and if Wyatt is having a hard time climbing somewhere, say, I dunno, The Couch, then Redding just grabs his hands and hoists him on up. Or hops down on the floor next to him and pushes Wyatt up by his rear. And then they somersault of the couch. Both intentionally, and unintentionally.

Β Anyway,
I used a roll of brocade home decor fabric given to me to make window sized curtain liners that I hung on tension rods to go behind my curtains. We have an East facing room with the East window being 60″ across. What the people were thinking when they designed certain things about my house, I have no Idea.

Over my dresser is going this sweet mirror that I found at Goodwill about a week ago. It’s being refinished right now. More to come on that later.

This is a little garage sale shelf that I painted black and then white with a layer of crackle medium in between. The doily is one my Great Grandma made for me.Β 

Β I think my husbands side of the room was messy this day (we take turns on having the messy side, but usually it’s me) hence no photos. My mom was getting rid of these candle stick things at a garage sale we hosted the last month and I snagged them up. I painted them blue (they were like a dark walnut wood) and voila! That frame is where my Starbright mini quilt is going. With Christmas money this year, I bought us new sheets to replace the sadly torn one before, so I cut it up and crocheted it into that little white rug. I’ll probably add onto it as more sheets get upcyled. The box on the floor just behind it is what I use instead of a nightstand. It holds all my current books, magazines, lotion, glasses case, that sort of thing.

And that’s a little look at my room! Nothing too special, but very comfy and relaxing.

Celebrate Fall Color!

Here are my 5 November Entries for the November Celebrate Color Contest/Extravaganza! It has been so much fun designing new projects and creating with fellow crafters of various specialties this Fall and I’m sad that this is the last month. But, I am so excited that the end of Fall, means the Beginning of Winter and Christmas Holidays!

Needlepoint Entry: Happy Country Felt Garland

This is a pattern I adapted from Thimbleberries’ designer Lynette Jenson’s Book Classic Country Christmas. I love her work! Everything is so comfy and cozy and it all has her special handmade touch. Country style is nice to me because it makes you feel welcome and allowed to kick-back and relax. This Design is made with Brown and Deep Red Felt hearts stacked and Buttonhole stitched together with brown and gold thread. Each heart has a little Happy White Snowman outlined also with buttonhole stitches and detailed with French knots and outline stitching in Gold for the arms. The other Hearts have Gold Country stars buttonhole stitched in Brown thread to Brown outlining stars and fixed with contrasting Gold buttonhole stitches to the Heats. I used a spray adhesive and straight pins to hold things in place while I stitched it all together and whip-stitched the hearts to one another. Jenson designed this to be a round centerpiece base for a pot or candle, but I haven’t found anything quite large enough yet to center it around. But I hope to soon. In the meantime the design makes me Smile πŸ™‚

Yarn Entries: 1. First Snow Crochet Ornaments

This was the first time I used a itty-bitty size 4 hook for a little project. I have honestly been scared of the little stitches πŸ™‚ But this Pattern from BH&G for Decorative Ornament Snowflakes was just perfect and so easy!

2. Open Weave Crochet Scarf

This cutie is made with TLC variegated yarn. It’s 86″ long x 3″ wide and is has a space between every stitch. Here in Florida, it doesn’t get cold. It was 83 degrees outside today, so that makes scarves more of an accent than necessity. But we like to get in the spirit with fun fall accessories here anyways πŸ™‚ I can wear this folded in half loosely or wrapped tight for warmth or as a fun belt. It’s super comfy and with various shades of Fuchsia, Cream, Tan, and Espresso, It goes with most anything!

Home Decor Entry: 1. Makeup Brush Roll

I am very proud of this original designed Makeup Brush Roll. I made it as a gift for my dear friend who is a Make-up Junkie and has a multitude of brushes that like to run astray. The outer layer is a Microfiber Polyester Suede with a Bright Pink Satin Lining and Brush pocket with Matching Pink Satin Ribbon Ties. I backed the thin satin with Fusible stabilizer to make it a bit sturdier. The brush space is 16″ x 18″ with 16 little brush pockets and 5 big pockets for foundation brushes or little make-up palates. I made a little flap on the side where the ribbons attach to help keep things together. I was so happy with how it turned out I even sewed on one of my satin stamp labels πŸ™‚ (My pictures on the other hand were taken at 1:30am and I’m not so proud of). My Friend loved it and can’t wait to try it out.

2. Green and Blue Plaid Chenille Baby Blanket

This Blanket gave me a bit of a fit, but it all worked out in the end. I used Dana’s tutorial from MADE to make this soft and cuddly Chenille blanket. The outer layer is a homespun plaid, and the Chenille is made with a layer of white broadcloth cotton sandwiched between two layers of blue flannel. I made the Bias tape binding from the same homespun plaid and love how the bias angles contrast against the pattern. This is going to be a Christmas gift for my youngest son who doesn’t yet have a quilt from me πŸ™‚ The quilt measures about 32″x 38″.

Thanks for Checking out my little projects and Thanks to all the Folks who have made the Celebrate Fall Color Event such a Success!!!

October Recap

Ok, So I’ve totally flopped on being involved in my LTTSA this month and in the Celebrate Color festivities. It’s been a crazy couple a weeks. I’ve gone to the park almost everyday with the boys and been baking Pumpkin Pies and working on my Etsy store.
Etsy recently went through a redesign on how the search engines work and as a result my items weren’t getting found. The update was for the better (I grudgingly admit), but I have about 40 items in my shop and every single last one of them had to be updated and keywords not only changed, but then I had to watch my google analytics page to make sure the new tag words were letting people find my listings, and then update them again and again, until I was making my way back to the top of search results by using the best searchwords possible. It’s been a long process, and I’m still not finished, but about 40% is done, so now I’m starting to get sales again. Which means I had crocheting to do. I also had to get some new Holiday Hats made up and pics taken of, and listed…
Cute Huh? I was happy πŸ™‚

Wyatt has also become mobile now. Yes, my 6mo old is crawling. And my 2yr old leaves little bitty choking sized toys everywhere. Nuff said.

I managed to squeeze in a pair of slippers for Redding with a left over fat quarter from his Thomas the Tank Engine Quilt. I styled them after some Ikea Idegran Slippers I saw while I was on Vacation with my Bestie in Orlando for the first week in October. It was a awesome weekend! We stayed at the Gaylord Palms Hotel and our 6th floor balcony looked into the main atrium. Too fabulous. We spent lots of time by the pool and squeezed some shopping in between all the relaxation. We also party crashed a Hindu wedding that had been going on for the last several days and scored some free drinks before we had to make a break from our helpful Indian friend who wanted to take us for a walk around the atriums after the celebration. We went to the bathroom and then bailed down the nearest stairwell when he wasn’t looking. It was so fun.

Anyways, While I was there at Ikea, I saw these slippers and just knew Redding would love some big fluffy slippers like them, so after much pulling apart of stitches and playing with stuffing amounts, I got his pair finished complete with grippy soles on the bottom πŸ™‚

He doesn’t look thrilled in this pic like he should, but trust me, he likes them πŸ™‚

I also have started my first real quilt. With blocks, sashing, and everything. After searching through everyone’s project archives while lackadaisically following the Christmas blog Hop over at Ellison Lane Quilts, I stumbled upon this adorable and easy Whirly Gig Quilt. I thought, “Yes! Finally Something I’m not scared to try!” It looked easy enough and the best part is I can make my squares as big as I want and each block only has 8 pieces in it, so I already have half my blocks sewn up. Naturally, I didn’t follow the directions *exactly* even though, the blogger warned me to “be sure to cut your blocks like so…”, but I didn’t think it was necessary and ended up having to recut some pieces. But that’s ok! Half the blocks are going to be white and blue like this, and the others are going to be white and pink.

Oooo! Look what I found while going through my pics! Yummy Blueberry Scones! I’ll post up the recipe tomorrow. I made them while working on my quilt. I just needed some good scones. I’ve been on a “I’m going to make everything myself that I usually buy at Starbuck” kick lately. Cost effective for sure, well, comparatively, but dangerous with the ease at which I can now create tasties. So I’ll share a couple drink recipes with you too. Because It’s not right for my to keep them to myself. You should have to indulge as well. I’m also gonna post up the most tastiest bread recipe I’ve made yet. Breadmachine style, of course, but still homemade πŸ™‚

So, I’m hoping to be able to make up my LTTSA project tomorrow, cut into our last pumpkin and make yummy toasted pumpkin seeds, and I also am going to have to learn how to use a circular saw. Yep. You heard me right. I have a pile of fence posts in my backyard from when part of my God-only-knows how old privacy fence took a dive in a storm this summer. Florida Thunderstorms are serious business. I love them. Here is my Pinterest page of Ideas for my Fence pieces. I don’t feel like copying and linking all the pics here, so if you have a desire, feel free to check it out.
Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?! Now, I’m not one of those “Let’s just skip right over Thanksgiving straight on to Christmas” people, but Crocheting a bunch of Holiday hats gets me thinking… and thinkin… and thinkin… about what the heck I’m going to make for everyone this year! I know for sure if I get my Whirly Gig Quilt done this month I’m going to be making From the Blue Chairs Stack and Whack Wonky Block quilt that looks so fun and would be perfect for the Christmas fabrics I bought last year and didn’t get around to doing anything with.
Enough Rambling. I think this post was more for me as a Sign post of What-I’ve-done/What-I’m-going-to-do to prove to me that I didn’t while away October. Sometimes it just feels like, “Where did all my Time Go?!” and this has helped me to stop beating myself up over it, and see, “Oh, yeah, I did make/do that.” So I haven’t squandered my precious time. And here’s one more pic just for you, because you need a smile πŸ™‚

Project updates and Book Shelf Organization

Been Busy today taking my kiddo to the park to play in the fountain, hitting up the library, visiting family, cleaning, and 2nd best of all! Working on the LTTSA backpack! Have I ever mentioned that I hate cutting out patterns and pieces? It’s my least favorite part of the sewing experience. Fabric shopping might be my favorite, sewing second–if given a choice, I’d even rip apart a messed up seam and re-sew it before cutting out pieces. Anyways…. It’s allllll done! The pieces are cut (except the interfacing b/c I don’t know how much I want to use yet) and waiting for attention! I made a couple changes to the pattern and added/subtracted some things to the pattern. Like pockets on each side and making the front one complete piece without a seam and without pockets. I’m also using quilting cotton and flannel instead of a sturdier fabric. Hence the indecision about interfacing. So tomorrow, hopefully, me and the machine have a date πŸ™‚

Next: Some long awaited pics of my new sewing room. But only the bookshelves.

Look at the organization! It’s delish. My books are all in the middle with fabric and sewing boxes and random craftiness on the sides. I still have to clean off the tops of the shelves and decorate, and the closet needs attention, but 80% done is goooood.

Here are my Rainbow organized books! I stole this idea from my sister’s roommate who has awesome bookcase organizing techniques as well as kick butt spinach artichoke dip. No lie.
I thought about organizing by author or genre, but it’s a really mixed bunch and in this small of a room, it would just look like chaos, so color was the choice! And I’m a fan.

These shelves of fabric goodness are displayed on rectangle cut pieces of cardboard boxes. It is easy to see all my fabrics and somehow I can fit much more into the tiny space. Not that I’m sure you can call four rows of bookshelves, a scrap box, a remnant box (top left shelf), a 55gal bucket with faux fur, and another box of felt a “tiny” space, but you get the idea.

Do you like my vintage tea cup? I use it to hold all my straight pins. It’s easy to get into, and not too easy to knock over. I love it. The red toile pattern is so pretty.

Now it’s time for a good book, a cup of hot tea, and to throw my sour dough loaf into the oven. It should have risen by now. Then bed, bed, bed.

Β Goodnight, my someone, goodnight πŸ™‚