Well. Ideas I suppose. Or partial projects.
Ever feel like you have so many Ideas and supplies for things that you just don’t know what to start or finish next? I’m there. Prioritizing is not my strong suit. But I do enjoy having the ability to make a variety of things at any given moment. Right now I have picture frames from Goodwill to upcyle and paint, pictures to go in albums, about a gagillion Christmas gifts to make, holiday baking, a Christmas quilt to make, a Stocking for Wyatt, mending and alterations to our clothes, decorating projects, and, uh, oh yeah, yard work and house cleaning. Good grief. I also am itching to make t-shirt yarn. Not that I need it for anything right now. I just want to make it.

Last night I made 21yds of 1″ single fold bias tape. I’ll turn it into half inch double fold once I finish my Christmas gifts I’m using it for. I couldn’t stop myself. This cute lime, coral, and orange polka-dot fabric wanted to be bias tape. So that’s what I turned to whole yard into.

Today I went to check out a playset I found on Craigslist for the boys Christmas present from us and the grandparents. I can wait to get it! It was as good as I hoped! It’s a step 2 climber and swingset and Redding is going to freak out to have a slide in the backyard. We need to finish cleaning up the yard and cut out the grass and mulch where the playground will go. Hope to work on that this week.

I’m also in the process of sanding and painting this patio furniture I found on Craigslist. I was so excited to find it! I have always wanted a black iron patio set, but haven’t found one for the right price. A couple weeks ago I did: a four chair and table number that is cute as can be! The guy was even nice enough to drop it off at my house. It’s going to look great when it’s finished. My parents gave me a table umbrella in a nice grey and tan damask scroll print that will go great with the set. I also need to pressure wash the back patio and get the paint off it as you can see. I’m hoping it all comes off. I want to make cushions for the chairs too, though probably not right away. It’s been so hot outside that we don’t like being out there in the middle of the day, well, I don’t mind, but Redding’s a wimp about heat. Hopefully it’s cool enough this weekend.

Time to go make sugar cookies and do laundry. Then maybe a project or two 🙂


Bias Trimmed Apron

I Loved making this apron! It was a breeze! And I learned a few new and important skills: How to make and Use Bias Tape Correctly, and How to make a French Seam. I’ve been dallying about making bias tape. It has always seemed so daunting. Hours of folding and pressing and refolding and repressing…. Just for a few measly yards to make a quilt. But Now! I learned about the nifty little bias tape maker helper, and how to make it with only sewing 2 seams! That was the best. I gotta tell you, I loved the Prudent Baby method our fearless leader Jessica suggested as requiring way less sewing. It was great! While sewing isn’t something I despise (obviously), it was much nicer to get to watch tv whilst I spent 95% of the time pressing and cutting the tape.
And Here’s My Bias Trim Tape!

I used a half a yard of this great Green, Grey, Navy, and Blue Plaid Homespun Cotton fabric that has been staring me in the face for months now. I always pick it up, unroll it, look at it (even prewashed it) and put it back on the shelf. And now I used it! On the other hand, while it looks really cute, I don’t really recommend using Homespun Cotton because it doesn’t hold a crease well. Now I love it and plan on using it for several other projects soon, but it isn’t crisp like quilting cotton if that’s what you’re looking for in your bias tape.

I appliqued an “R” to the front of the smock since it is just a matching solid blue fabric, in an attempt to make it more boyish. I’m not sure it helped. It still looks like a dress to me (and Alan, who wasn’t thrilled with Redding running around with “a dress” on all day) Hehe.

But Redding loves it! He has worn it almost all day and likes the pockets on the sides. The fit is Perfect, which surprised me for some reason because most things I make don’t have such a nice fit.
We plan on wearing it for sidewalk chalk, fingerpaints, gardening, and cooking. I might have to make one for me too 🙂 I’m very messy.

I’m really looking forward to this month’s project (I’ll be making the Cozy Winter Hood) and will probably make one for each of my boys, and several for Christmas gifts.

Putting a Zipper in a Pillow

We were at Goodwill last week and while turning down an aisle, Redding started shouting, “A Thomas! A Thomas!” And on top of one of the clothes racks (I always forget to look up there because it’s above eye level for me) was a fleecy Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow. Redding wanted it so bad, and after a glance at the price sticker I threw it in the buggy. $0.99. Heck Yes. The day before we were at Target and they had some Thomas pillows for $20 and $30. So Hurray for thrifting!

The Thomas pillow had a couple white milk spots on it and it was pilling a bit on the black parts. But it was in good shape otherwise. I decided to make this pillow into a zippered slipcover so I wouldn’t have to worry when it gets dirty or something gets spilled or peed on it (which will happen). I ransacked my stash of zippers and found a 20″ white poly zipper that was perfect. The pillow is 17″ across, so I just needed to shorten the zipper.

I started by ripping out the seam in the top seam of the pillow where I wanted the zipper to go, and threw away the old stuffing.. I washed and dried the pillow inside out. With the pillow still inside out, I backstitched over the ends of the original seam at the left and right of the pillow and sewed around the corners and in across the top seam by about 3/4″ to give the zipper somewhere to anchor.

I pinned the zipper in place where I wanted it to go and basted it in place using black thread so that I could see it easily. I took out the pins hen and unzipped the zipper so I could sew in the zipper without the sliding part of the zipper getting in the way.

With the pillow right side out, I used my zipper foot to secure the zipper down each side, and then handstitched the ends of the zipper in place. Move the gliding part of the zipper out of the way while sewing. Cut off the excess zipper at the tail end and melt the edges of the zipper with a candle or lighter so it doesn’t unravel.

I mentioned the black felt parts of the pillow had pilled, so I used my scissors and carefully cut away the pills. I cut a bit too deeply on one part and left a little bald patch in the felt, so I touched it up with black sharpie and no one’s the wiser. I used one of Redding’s bed pillows and stuffed the pillow with it.

And Redding was very happy 🙂

Project updates and Book Shelf Organization

Been Busy today taking my kiddo to the park to play in the fountain, hitting up the library, visiting family, cleaning, and 2nd best of all! Working on the LTTSA backpack! Have I ever mentioned that I hate cutting out patterns and pieces? It’s my least favorite part of the sewing experience. Fabric shopping might be my favorite, sewing second–if given a choice, I’d even rip apart a messed up seam and re-sew it before cutting out pieces. Anyways…. It’s allllll done! The pieces are cut (except the interfacing b/c I don’t know how much I want to use yet) and waiting for attention! I made a couple changes to the pattern and added/subtracted some things to the pattern. Like pockets on each side and making the front one complete piece without a seam and without pockets. I’m also using quilting cotton and flannel instead of a sturdier fabric. Hence the indecision about interfacing. So tomorrow, hopefully, me and the machine have a date 🙂

Next: Some long awaited pics of my new sewing room. But only the bookshelves.

Look at the organization! It’s delish. My books are all in the middle with fabric and sewing boxes and random craftiness on the sides. I still have to clean off the tops of the shelves and decorate, and the closet needs attention, but 80% done is goooood.

Here are my Rainbow organized books! I stole this idea from my sister’s roommate who has awesome bookcase organizing techniques as well as kick butt spinach artichoke dip. No lie.
I thought about organizing by author or genre, but it’s a really mixed bunch and in this small of a room, it would just look like chaos, so color was the choice! And I’m a fan.

These shelves of fabric goodness are displayed on rectangle cut pieces of cardboard boxes. It is easy to see all my fabrics and somehow I can fit much more into the tiny space. Not that I’m sure you can call four rows of bookshelves, a scrap box, a remnant box (top left shelf), a 55gal bucket with faux fur, and another box of felt a “tiny” space, but you get the idea.

Do you like my vintage tea cup? I use it to hold all my straight pins. It’s easy to get into, and not too easy to knock over. I love it. The red toile pattern is so pretty.

Now it’s time for a good book, a cup of hot tea, and to throw my sour dough loaf into the oven. It should have risen by now. Then bed, bed, bed.

 Goodnight, my someone, goodnight 🙂