Twilight Color Palette

I've been inspired lately when walking through the garden, or standing under the oak tree, in those last moments before night truly sets in. The air, the trees, everything takes on an ethereal quality. The world turns blue in that last moment of dusk. Have you ever noticed how, as the sun sets, and dusk settles, there are stages of twilight?

The sunset blazes, the world is orange, yellow, purple and pink.

The sun sinks just behind the horizon, the sky is still ablaze, but the ground is colored with muted violet.

Then, in that last breath between night and day, the sun's light has faded from the sky, but misty blues and greens mixed with deep shadows and accents of moonlit white seem to spring up from the earth itself. Even your skin takes on a bluish cast. If magic exists, it happens in this moment.


I've created this fabric color palette for the Dreaming at Dusk mosaic contest at Stitched in Color. Head over to create your own palette and view the other gorgeous palettes and inspiration.



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