Garden Update May 2016

Nasturtium = Best filler plant ever.

My two Amish Pie pumpkins beginning to take off. Proof positive for melon pits. Thanks David the Good!

Peaches, Pole Beans, Black Krim Tomato

Florida Highbush Eggplant, Purslane, Pumpkin

My original garden doing quite well with (clockwise) tomatoes, collards, sunflower, broccoli, nasturtium, tomato, pepper, strawberry, blueberry, tomato, cucumber and my beans in the pot on the right.

The whole shebang.

Giant pumpkin leaves.

My newest garden box, double dug, partially trench composted, and currently planted with bio-accumulators: BOS Sunflowers, Burgundy Amaranth, and a Porterweed (not shown). Because I had them, I planted zinnias and eggplant here also as well as papaya, and sweet potato. Once the sunflowers and amaranth get bigger, I'll plant some bush acre peas also.

A tiny mulberry, oh so tasty.

Beautiful Broccoli, a giant, but fully edible plant. The hearts of the stalks are delicious!

Come on baby pumpkin!

The pumpkins are going nuts.

My seed grown Valencia Orange. Healthy, happy, and Citrus Greening free as of now.


All 25ft of pumpkin plants.

My Floridaprince Peach loaded with its first crop of nearly ripe peaches.

Rattlesnake Pole Beans. These five beans should give me more than enough seeds for next planting.


Happy May All!



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