Adding Material to the Melon Pit

I dug my Melon Pit composting hole. It was a good size about 2 x 2 x 3ft deep. In the pit went:

  • Lots of cardboard boxes of all kinds
  • Dry brush and weeds
  • More cardboard
  • 3 small charred partly burnt logs
  • A ratty torn up pair of cotton jeans
  • A dead squirrel
  • Paper
  • Baby wipes
  • A little manure
  • All the food scraps for the last two weeks
  • Top soil with a little peat moss mixed in from a previous planting project

And this is how full the pit is now. To really get the decomposition started I ran the hose for several minutes and filled the pit full of water. It drained out pretty quickly, but now the cardboard will hold on to that water and give earthworms a nice place to live.

Since I don't want to wait to plant a little orange tree for espaliering and my cucurbits seeds, I'm going to finish up the rest of the pit with a bag of Black Kow then top it with weed blocker and leftover mulch from the garden. The sandy dirt I removed will go to backfilling under the boys swing set…again. They are unstoppable with a shovel.

And because you should see something pretty, check out the peach tree. I can't get enough.

Miss Norah naps in a shady spot the garden while we work. I believe in “airing out” the baby. Get that vitamin D! And don't worry, while it is winter every where else in the continental U.S., it's a balmy 83 degrees here, so lightweight summer garb was in order. Norah G. is quite sizable for being 10 weeks old. So squishy!




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