Garden Update-June 11, 2015

The tomatoes have taken over!

This 5ft+ jungle of growth is comprised of just three yellow pear tomato plants. I started these from seed several months ago that I purchased from Seed Savers Exchange. I had good viability with the seeds and the plants have been vigorous ever since.

The plants have set more pear shaped fruit than I can count and have withstood intense thunderstorms and rain with aplomb. They seem to shoot up 6″ in every direction with every shower.

I only have one old flimsy wire tomato cage in the midst of this madness trying to support this Jurassic growth.

My scallions are looking well. I grew them from Burpee white bunching onion seeds. They transplanted well and continue growing back whenever I cut them to the ground to use the greens in cooking.

I’ve harvested a couple peppers and have more growing along nicely.

My lemon balm is going nuts. I should start drying it for tea.

My purple coneflower aka echinacea is starting to flower and will be attractive to bees.

These are a handful of Valencia orange trees I started from seed. If they survive it will be many years before they fruit since they are a full size variety.

In comparison to my pear tomatoes, my slicing tomatoes (Nebraska Wedding and Black Krim), are growing slowly and are unable to set fruit in this high heat (upper 80’s and 90’s) and humidity. I attempted to hand pollinate every flower for several weeks in hopes of getting some fruit set, but was only successful in seeing just two tomatoes forming on different plants. If the plants last through the summer then I may begin seeing fruit set in the fall.

But the pear tomatoes will keep me in enough fruit to make salsa very soon.



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