Cross Revive

Where it all started

Years ago, at least three, maybe even four, I had this crazy idea. I wanted to turn a couple Starbucks coffee bags into a clutch purse. I bought two bags of my favorite blend of coffee, Caffe Verona, and I liked the artwork on them so much that I wanted to do something unique and creative with them. So cleaned, cut stitched, and installed a zipper until, finally, I had done it! I carried my bag everywhere with me after that and smiled every time I saw it. Unexpectedly, I received complements on my little purse. So I made a few more and gave them to friends and family. Since then, my little Coffee Clutch has seen lots of wear and has come to be my cosmetics bag for traveling. The coffee bags make it nearly water proof and perfect for carrying my toiletries and protecting my clothes from accidental spills.

After all these years, I decided to offer my Original Coffee Clutch purses for sale on etsy. I’ll post more tomorrow about my vision for our etsy store, Cross Revive, and some of the products we’ll be designing. For now, check out some of the purses I’ve created.




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