The Pumpkin Shirt

KCWC Fall 2012- the Pumpkin Shirt
Oct. 2012 120

 Redding has decided that he’s in Love with Pumpkins. And Fall. And Holidays in general. So we made paper mache pumpkins and painted them. He thought that was very fun and then he asked for a pumpkin shirt. So last night, I was able to put one together. I was planning on painting the pumpkin on, but then I found in my old clothes stash, a FL Gators shirt with long orange sleeves. Happy Day! So I cut up one of the sleeves, used one of Alan’s old black Tshirts, and snagged a small scrap of green for the stem.

Oct. 2012 123Oct. 2012 133

I used one of Redding’s new shirts to trace the pattern for this shirt directly onto the black fabric and cut away. I’m happy to say I didn’t use a single measuring tool for this entire project. It was fast, easy, and all free hand. Very liberating.

Oct. 2012 126

It wasn’t my original intention to make the shirt a sleeveless style, so the arms are too long at the shoulders. But the weather is starting to cool off (It’s only 83F outside right now!) and so I’m sure he’ll be able to wear it over a long sleeve shirt and it will look fine.(Ignore the spots of oatmeal from breakfast.)

Oct. 2012 137

Redding really likes it and put it on as soon as he got up. I sewed the orange pumpkin on so that the edges will curl up around the stitching when it gets washed. The green stem should fray pretty well too.

Oct. 2012 128

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