Wyatt’s Fall Outfit

Wyatt’s Fall Outfit -ignore the drool spots πŸ™‚

I was so excited to learn about the Celebrate Color Blog Contest and couldn’t wait to get started. I decided to make Wyatt a Fall outfit to enter in the Fabric Wearables category. In Florida, Fall is still really just summer with a few new colors. The temperature is still in the 90’s every day right up until November. We wear t-shirts and shorts in light cotton fabrics and venture to the pool after playing at the neighborhood playground most days. Florida’s fall colors are hues of Green and Brown from the many oak trees and St. Augustine grass with Gold Sunflowers and Maple trees that show off an occasional Red leaf. Keeping this palate in mind, I grabbed a homespun remnant fabric I’ve bought for the plaid and awesome colors and one of my husband’s old Banana Republic t-shirts that is super comfy and soft.

I used one of Wyatt’s outfits (previously owned by Redding) to draw up the pattern for a pair of shorts and shirt. I went with a little larger size than he wears so that he can get a good bit of use out of it. I also designed a monogrammed “W” for the front of Wyatt’s shirt in the leftover fabric from the shorts. I deconstructed Alan’s old t-shirt and used the existing collar and hems to make it look less “homemade” πŸ™‚ I satin stitched the “W” to the front of the shirt and pieced it all together.

On the butt of the shorts I added pockets. To add a bit of detail so the pockets didn’t get lost, I cut on the bias of the fabric and zig-zagged stitched them on for fun.

Wyatt seems to think he’s pretty cool and likes his comfy clothes πŸ™‚


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